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We like our team like we like our tortillas: authentic. Front and back of house, we look for people who have an affinity for scratch made food, an appreciation for tradition, and a commitment to bringing only their best—and our best—to the table every day. If that sounds like you, we want to meet you.

What We Stand For

At Serranos, a few things are particularly important to us.

Our People

Since the very beginning, we’ve put our people first. That’s why we offer flexible hours, health benefits, paid vacation, paid sick leave, competitive pay, rapid growth opportunities, and more.


From our recipes to our decor, Serranos honors and celebrates both family culinary traditions and broader Mexican heritage.


No matter their role in the company, we encourage everyone on the team to take genuine pride in the Serranos experience and provide guests with only the best.

Only the Best

Using fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Every item on our menu is prepared without shortcuts.

Good Times

With lively energy no matter the time of day and an upbeat, colorful atmosphere ideal for

social gatherings, late nights, and ritual happy hours, we keep fun at the forefront.